LibrePatron: A Self-Hosted Patreon Alternative

Patreon is a popular service that allows content creators to receive contributions from supporters on a recurring basis. Unfortunately, Patreon is also a dedicated enemy of the concept of free speech as an important civic virtue. Patreon is known to arbitarily ban its creators for "thought crime."

Unfortunately most Patreon alternatives to date do not implement all of Patreon's main features, namely:

While still in alpha status, LibrePatron implements all of these features.

If you're a creator reading this unconcerned with free speech issues, Patreon still takes a percentage of your earnings, which can be avoided by using LibrePatron.

Install Your Own

It's easy with docker-compose.

Instructions are here.

Or check it out on Github.

Slack Group

Click here.

Improvements Roadmap

  1. More granular control over subscriber levels.